Guidance as to likely charges will be given on receipt of instructions and of evidence of the document(s) to be notarised. They will depend on several factors, including the number and complexity of the document(s) involved, the form of notarisation required, the time likely to be taken and any travel involved. In a straightforward routine case where you attend at my office to sign a single document in my presence and I notarise it the current charge is £70. Any additional documents signed by you and notarised by me at the same meeting would normally be charged at a reduced rate (currently £25 each). The provision of a copy of an original document provided by you (for example a passport) would currently be charged at £30 per document, though where the document is for example a degree or other professional certificate this would not apply as its authenticity has to be satisfactorily verified and I would need to provide an estimate of charges.

For any complex matters or matters involving many documents I may need to charge on a time basis but I will let you know in advance the applicable rate and my estimate of the time likely to be involved. If at the meeting a matter proves to be more complicated or there are more documents or people involved than you indicated I may need to renegotiate the charge or agree to charge you at an hourly rate.

If legalisation of a document by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is required and you wish me to attend to this there is an additional charge which currently is £20. Likewise where legalisation by a foreign Embassy or Consulate is necessary there will be an additional charge depending on what is involved and an estimate will be provided.

Currently I am not registered for VAT purposes.

You are responsible for all payments which I make on your behalf. Typical examples are legalisation fees payable to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the attachment of an “Apostille” to a document (currently £30 per document), legalisation fees payable to a foreign Embassy or Consulate, legalisation agents’ fees, Companies Registry fees and special delivery postal charges. However I shall not incur these expenses without first obtaining your consent to do so.

All charges are normally paid at the meeting by cash, cheque or card but may by prior arrangement be paid by electronic transfer. Invoices are delivered where required for work carried out and expenses incurred during the conduct of the matter.